Yellen Speech Post-Determination of Interest Rates The Fed

The rate of the dollar index increasingly unstoppable where the US trade yesterday touched 103.15. Wall Street gained limited at the level of 0.3%.

The interesting thing from the speech of the US Central Bank Governors of the Federal Reserve (Fed) Janet Yellen after the US benchmark interest rate setting is, Trump Effect making the central bank’s monetary policy under uncertainty and the uncertainty of how policies can affect the US economy bandar bola.

Inflation MoM US released the same as last month at the rate of 0.2%, while unemployment claims seen steady at 254,000.

This was conveyed by Global Market Analyst Bank Mega, James Evan Tumbuan in his research as quoted detikFinance, Friday (16/12/2016).


As predicted, the yen closed near the resistance level at 118.19 in US trade figures last night. AS bullish trend is still going on overall major currencies in which the euro hit its lowest level since 2003.

For Europe, today the market awaiting inflation data for the end of the European Union. CPI yoy is expected to be at 0.6% or equal to the previous period. Sterling towards the target support at 1.2337 against the US $, while the Bank of England was set 0.25% as the benchmark rate.

While in the country, the rupiah Spot opened at the rate of Rp 13 428 in which today range the rupiah is expected to play at the level of Rp 13,400-Rp 13 460.

Rupiah NDF 1 month forward in penetrating the US trade USD 13 547. Bank Indonesia set a benchmark interest rate 7D reverse repo at 4.75%, or the same as last month. Bank Indonesia predicts Indonesia’s economic growth next year will increase to 5.4% from 5% in 2016.


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