Tips to prevent pressure from going down when it’s hot



Hypotension can be caused by several reasons, including high temperatures. In this article you will learn some important aspects about this problem, as well as several tips to avoid that the pressure goes down when it is hot.

Low blood pressure is a problem suffered by adults and children and is caused by several factors. It does not always mean suffering from a disease.

Hypotension is considered when the pressure is below 90/60. This figure is general and everything will depend on the person in particular. Therefore, it is very important to consult a doctor.

What are the causes of hypotension?

A sudden change in the position of the body as, for example, when going from lying to sitting
To drink alcohol
Ingest drugs such as anxiolytics, antidepressants, diuretics or analgesics
Advanced diabetes
Heart failure or arrhythmia
Food deficit
Problems that affect the endocrine system
Neurological disorders

What are the causes of hypotension

What are the symptoms of hypotension?

Blurry vision
Difficulty breathing
Problems to concentrate
Loss of balance
Chest pain
Cervical stiffness
General weakness
Swelling of ankles
What are the symptoms of hypotension

What to do when faced with an episode of low blood pressure?

If there are no serious symptoms that accompany the picture, the situation is not to worry but to take it into account and remember it in the future. The problem may now be slight but then it gets worse.

In the case of presenting symptoms such as dizziness and fainting (the most frequent), it is necessary:

Avoid hot places and drink a lot of liquid.
Lying down immediately in a shady spot with your legs raised to 45 ° from the floor
Apply cold compresses on the skin if there is an increase in body temperature
Drink water, coffee or any sweet drink to help stabilize the pressure (as long as the person is conscious)
Call medical emergencies if the person has lost consciousness or does not recover

Why lowers blood pressure in summer?

With the arrival of high temperatures there is an increase in the peripheral vasodilation of the body. As a consequence, blood pressure drops. The opposite occurs during the winter or when the ambient temperature drops.

By lowering blood pressure and having peripheral vasodilatation the heart produces a reflex mechanism that increases the beats per minute. If the person with seasonal hypotension is a woman, he will feel palpitations and cephalad instability (feeling of losing balance). This sensation has a medical explanation and is a real manifestation of the body to the changes that are taking place inside it.

It is normal that during the summer some people faint when spending a lot of time in the open air either in the city, on the beach or in the countryside and, above all, when we are working or doing paperwork, not if we are enjoying the sea. There is a great influence of stress and nerves in that case.

Women may be more vulnerable to hypotension while they are with their menstrual period, since in those days they lose iron and are weaker. It is advisable to eat foods that contain this nutrient, as in the case of lentils, or to drink a lot of liquids (more than 3 liters a day).

In case of suffering hypotension it is advisable:

Eat salty foods (for example snacks)
Wear elastic socks that by compression prevent peripheral vasodilatation in the lower extremities
Ingest (always under medical prescription) medications that lower the heart rate but do not lower blood pressure.

Home remedies to regulate pressure and prevent hypotension

With a good diet we can reduce the number of times the pressure goes down. In addition to taking into account the tips indicated above, do not hesitate to eat a portion of oatmeal every morning at breakfast. It is good to balance the pressure, regulate cholesterol, provide energy and fiber among other benefits.

There is a homemade recipe that can help you in case you have gone through a low blood pressure table is prepared with the following ingredients:

1 liter of water
3 garlic cloves
1 handful of olive leaves
1 handful of hawthorn leaves
Prepare it as follows:

Boil the water with the leaves of hawthorn and olive tree for 3 minutes over low heat
Remove and let stand 10 minutes
Strain and store in a glass jar with a tight lid.
Crush the cloves of garlic to extract the liquid and add in the preparation

Drink 1 liter of this remedy every day for 1 week in a row. Rest for 7 days and return to resume treatment. It will help you regulate blood pressure.

Home remedy to regulate the pressure

Finally, do not forget to have a blood pressure monitor at home so that, as soon as the symptoms start or you feel bad, you can check how your arterial levels are.

Consult with the doctor to indicate in your particular case if it is hypotension or it is simply a normal reduction and you should not be alarmed.