Petr Cech Judging Courtois Nervously Faced with him on Penalty Shootout

Petr Cech Judging Courtois Nervously Faced with him on Penalty Shootout

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech gave the leak of Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois a penalty shoot-out during the Community Shield at Wembley Stadium on Sunday (6/8/2017). Courtois kick when the penalty shootout soared above the Arsenal crossbar.

The winner of a two-team London duel must be determined on penalties after a 1-1 draw for 90 minutes. In the drama, Arsenal become the winner with a score of 4-1.

In the list of executors, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte inserted the name of Courtois as the second kicker. But the Belgian international keeper is unable to perform his duties perfectly because his shot is soaring.

After the game, Conte said that Courtois was one of the best penalty takers in his team during training. But the former Juventus coach may not be aware that in this penalty shootout, Courtois faces Petr Cech who is a former Chelsea main goalkeeper and former team-mate.

Cech also reveals the theory of why Courtois failed to perform its duties. He claimed to have been very familiar with the way Courtois execute because while still at Chelsea, they often practice penalty kicks.

“It might be the one that made him fail,” he said, “usually he shot into the top corner of the other side of his pace, maybe the fact that I know him makes it harder for Courtois.”

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger added that pointing the goalkeeper as an executioner during the penalty shootout was a risky decision. According to Wenger, if the goalkeeper’s execution is successful then his mental will go up but if otherwise, the executor’s mentality will go down and affect his duty in dispelling a penalty.

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