Mertens: Nobody Wants to Leave Napoli

Mertens: Nobody Wants to Leave Napoli
Dries Mertens felt Napoli more compact than the previous Juventus Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Mertes almost retired from Naples in the summer amid reports that his wife was unhappy in Naples, but he even renewed his contract.

He has been revered by wakrga around and given the nickname ‘Ciro’ – a traditional name that exists in Neapolitan.

“I like to walk around the counter and talk to people. True, sometimes it’s hard when you want a little privacy with your family and there’s always someone asking for a photo, “Mertens said.

“There are millions otang in Naples and I think and I think they all have at least one photo with me, so I’m expecting a little quiet now.

“What keeps me at Napoli is the club project. I think this team is very tough and has a bright future. With the coach at the forefront, none of us wanted to leave, because it was special to be trained by a Sarri and there was happiness coming from within the team.

“This season we can do great things if we stick together. Could we win the Scudetto? If Juventus lose some points. They are a team that is more conservative than us, where we are younger and have greater passion.

“Juve have quality and buy the best players in the transfer market, such as Pjanic and Higuain. Surely this will lead you to victory. We have to have another way and win with a world-class player, but a lot of strong players who together form an unbeatable team.

“Higuain is a player who can make a difference. I’m sorry he left, but I think that if he survives, I will never appear as a center forward.

“I must say that De Laurentiis understands how well this team is. He made sacrifices to keep us compact, proving that he wanted to be a winner. Now it depends on us.

“Last season we were too subject to Real Madrid and it would be different if we met them again, because we learned from the experience.

“This season we can conquer many teams, including in the Champions League.”

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