Aji Santoso Officially Resigned from Arema

Aji Santoso

Aji Santoso Officially Resigned from Arema

Aji Santoso officially resigned from the coach Arema FC, today, Monday (31/7/2017) Situs Poker Online. Aji said the reason for getting out of Arema was his own and family’s decision, without any pressure from anyone.

Aji’s retreat decision is also so continued the poor results achieved Arema when entertaining Borneo FC at the Kanjuruhan Stadium Malang, Sunday (30/7). In this match, Arema held 0-0 draw.

In a press conference that took place at the Arema Office, Jalan Kertanegara, Aji said, Arema is actually a good team. Only indeed, the target in the first round does not match his expectations. Aji, who targets entry into the top five must settle for 7th place standings.

“It is not as expected, but we are not really bad,” said Aji. “We can still occupy the middle position.”

For the time being, Aji claims to be refreshing himself by doing other activities that are not related to football.
He will return to his long-abandoned tennis exercise routine.

“During holding Arema, I have not had time to play tennis, to fill this void I will maintain body condition with tennis,” he said.

Thank you Aremania

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old man also thanked Aremania who has provided support and input to him. Aji also ordered that Aremania always support his beloved team.

“Matur nuwun Aremania, for all his support, maybe I am shortly in Arema, but I will still establish good communication, most importantly never tired of supporting Arema in happy and difficult conditions, because football does not just talk win,” he concluded.

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